We are now enduring a tremendous one-to-two year shock to our healthcare system that will cause enormous, permanent change. Deep shifts are coming in consumer behavior, employer and payer dynamics, government spending, and technology that will ripple through the existing landscape. For large regional health systems, this is a moment of real peril. But, also an opportunity for those who can clearly see the future choose to act on brave, bold changes.

Our content will be dedicated to the tectonic, permanent changes wrought by the COVID pandemic, and the bold, strategic changes we want to drive in our organizations.

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Earn ACHE Credits at Health System 100

All healthcare-management education produced by Health System 100 is eligible for Qualified Education credits by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). This includes face-to-face programming at the annual Health System 100 conference as well as “distance” programming (webinars, think tank calls and more). ACHE credits are not issued directly by Health System 100. Rather, participants are asked to submit educational programming hours directly to ACHE for either advancement toward or recertification of the status of ACHE Fellow (FACHE).

How To Submit for Credits: Please list Health System 100 on your My ACHE page under ACHE Qualified Education credit. The conference will then be evaluated and counted on your account.

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"A 360 on healthcare that provides great insights and perspectives in an intimate setting."
Ricardo Martinez
Chief Medical Officer, Adeptus Health

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