Health System 100's mission is to inspire you to be exceptional in leadership, strategy and innovation.

"Health System 100 is the best conference of my year. The sessions address my most pressing challenges and the speakers are the cream of the crop!"
David Zechman,
President & CEO, McLaren Northern Michigan


Health System 100 aims to be by far the best conference serving health system CEOs in the U.S. Health System 100 is not necessarily for the biggest systems, but rather for those who are becoming America’s highest value systems. It’s for leaders who are transforming their systems into very high-quality, very efficient entities. In addition to original, provocative education, Health System 100 provides a relaxing recreational activities, and an inspiring setting. We also offer a very rich spouse program.

Executive Program

Health systems that become higher quality and lower cost will assure their relevance in the future. Our program will strongly advocate this strategy, and prescribe the tangible steps to get there.

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2019 Partners

Health System 100 is sponsored by a select group of leading product/service companies who are committed to
helping health system providers lead meaningful change in their organizations.

Care Transitions Software
Consulting - Financial Advisory & Valuation
Consulting – Transformation
Physician Growth Platform
Workforce Management Software